The Fiber optic cable price

Fiber optic cables are used for various purposes and can be applied in various areas. Due to their elaborate structure and design, fiber optic cables are used in areas where performance and reliability are needed.

This is why the cable is in high demand. Most of the time, before deciding to buy the fiber cable, you will have to know the fiber optic cable price for your needs. These prices differ based on the type of cable and the number of cores in the cable. It is not unusual to have a different fiber optic cable price for the cable based on the number of cores.

For example, a Fiber optic cable price is completely different from the 12 core multimode fiber optic cable price. This is why it is very important to know about the price(s) of the cable beforehand. To learn more about fiber optic cables, why not read up on them with our article here.

What is the price of fiber optic cable?

There are various fiber optic core cables in the market, this effects the fiber optic cable price. Before we get to the price of the fiber cable, it is better to know what a fiber cable is.

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What is a fiber optic cable?

A optic cable can also be called the optical fiber cable and it is a collection of cable wires. The fiber cable shares similar properties with the electrical cable. However, it is different from the electric cable because it has a lot of optical fibers that are used to transfer light.

The optical cable has various elements that are coated individually with the use of plastic layers. These layers are then inserted into an external tube for protection. Fiber cables are protected with external tubing sleeves that provide the commensurate level of protection that is needed in the environment where it is used (affecting the fiber optic cable price).

Fiber optic cable price, core by the numbers

Fiber cable come in different types. The types are usually differentiated by the number of cores that are present in the fiber cables. There are two types of fiber cables in terms of the way the cores are distributed. The two main types of cables are the single-core fiber cable and the multicore fiber cable.

Single-core cables: These are the types of fiber cables that have just a single core as well as a cladding layer. The single-core fiber cable is the most popular type of fiber cable that is present commercially.

The multi-core cables: The multi-core fiber optic cable means that you have a cladding layer that comes with multiple cores. In terms of multicore fiber optic cables, the most popular options that can be found in the market are the 24, 12, 8, 6, and 4 core cables.

We have various types of optic fiber cables that are applied in different situations, like long-distance communication. The optic fiber cables can be used also in the provision of high-speed network connectivity to various locations of a building.

What is the price of fiber optic cable?

Before you understand the fiber optic cable price, you have to know the type that you want. There are currently three types of fiber cable. They are the Plastic optical fiber (POF), the multimode, and the single-mode.

While there are typical ordinary prices of the fiber cable, there are a lot of factors that affect the prices of the various cable types. For instance, the manufacturer, customization, area of application, and degree of performance are just some simple factors that determine the prices of the various fiber optic cables.

Price of the 12 core cable

The 12-Core cable is officially known as the 12 Core multimode distribution light buffer fiber optic patch cables. This type of cable is commercially available in two variants. There is the 12- core outdoor fiber cable as well as the 12 core indoor fiber cable.

The 12-Core outdoor single model fiber optic cable price is $405 while the price of a 12-Core indoor multimode fiber is $3505 per 1000 meter.

The 12 core cable is commercially imported in that it can be used in various locations. It can be used in the following cases:

•          Can be used for both outdoor and indoor distribution

•          Can be used a termination for communication devices.

•          Suitable for use with communication servers

•          Can be used for any floor cable connection.

There are various easy characteristics of the 12 core cable such as:

•          High strength

•          Round ergonomic shape for easy use.

•          Comes with a saft that can be stripped off easily.

4- Core fiber optic cable price

The price of a 4 core Indoor multimode fiber cable is about $1423 for 1 meter (1,000 millimeter). The 4-core outdoor single-mode fiber cable can be sold for about $923. The 4 core has a similar application and properties like every other multicore fiber cable on this list.

•          Perfect for both outdoor and indoor distribution

•          Used as a pigtail for other network devices

•          Can be used for network servers

•          Suitable for all floor cable connections


Price of the 24-Core fiber optic cable

The 24 Core outdoor single-mode fiber optic cable price per meter is about $1423. This 24 core fiber cable is a product that can be used for both aerial and duct applications. This means that it can be installed as an overhead cable or it can simply be ducted and run anywhere.

Characteristics of the 24 core fiber cable

•          It comes with an elaborate design.

•          Coms with an elaborate stranding arrangement to ensure that the cable is an excellent product that can be used for both environmental and mechanical environments.

•          The cable comes in a double jacket to help give the cable resistance against crush and moisture.

•          Comes with a minimal cable diameter to support simple installation.

•          The weight of the cable is light.

•          Is generally adapted to be laid easily.

Price of the 2 Core fiber optic wire cable

The 2 Core can be used both indoor and outdoors. The Outdoor 2 core fiber optic wire cable can be sold for 1000mm at $692. Whereas the 2 core indoor multimode fiber optic wire cable is commercially available in units of 1,000 meter. You can get this indoor cable for about $669 for every 1,000 meter.

The 2 core fiber optical wire cable is the best option for home and office use. It comes with a fire retardant property and is very suitable for aerial installation. The cables come with fibers that are sensitive to bending. This means that the 2 core fiber optic cable is most suitable for applications which have multiple bends.

Due to their lightweight, the 2 core fiber wire cables can be directly installed in homes, apartments, condominiums, multi-dwelling units, residential homes. They have excellent properties that make them resistant to impacts and crushing.

Price of the 8 Core fiber optic wire cable

The 8 core fiber optic cable price for wire cable outdoor single mode for 1000m is $320. The 8 core is suitable outdoor application. It can be installed both as a ducted cable and as an overhead cable.

The 8 core comes with an elaborate design that has distinct stranding properties. It comes with a double jacket that gives it enough resistance to both crushing forces and moisture.

The 8 Core indoor multimode fiber optic wire cable is commercially sold as a 1,000m fiber cable. The indoor cable is sold at $2432 per 1,000 meter. Just like all other indoor multicore fiber optic wire cables, it can be used in various applications.

The 8 core indoor fiber optic wire cable can be used as an indoor distribution, in communication devices, used in floor connections, as well as in server communication equipment. Some of the popular characteristics of the 8 core indoor fiber optic wire cables are high strength, a tighter buffered structure, and a round design.