What Is a Fiber Optic Headliner Kit?

Let’s face it. Car headliners are not the most interesting parts of the interiors of cars. The dashboard and the car seats are where the magic mostly happens as many cars today come with these two parts incredibly customized. But car headliners?

If you are lucky, you might have a sunroof that you can slide open on a sunny day. And if you are even luckier, your car might come with a completely retractable roof.

But what happens when the weather is freezing? Or on a rainy day?

Weather constraints may force you to keep your car roof closed, but one thing the weather cannot do is stop you from making your headliner a little less boring.

Introducing Fiber Optic Headliner Kit!

You might have seen fiber optic lights used in room ceilings, to light up displays, in swimming pools, and used as outdoor decorations, but you should know that you can also use fiber optic lights in headliner for your car!

A fiber optic headliner kit is a type of decorative lighting that you can install to illuminate the headliner of your car as well as spice up your car's interior. Not only are fiber optic lights in headliners a good way to provide illumination for the interior of your car, but they also provide heat-free lighting (so your car headliner does not overheat), are electrically safe, durable, and super easy to install and maintain.

Plus, you can get so many colors and designs out of installing fiber optic lights in headliner of your car, so if you are looking for new and cool car décor, a fiber optic headliner kit is definitely something you should give a shot.

What is in an LED Fiber Optic Headliner Kit?

General Content of an LED Fiber Optic Headliner Kit:

·      LED Light Engine

·      Power cable

·      Light Strands (optical fiber)

·      Adaptor

·      Remote Controller

·      User Manual

LED Light Engine.

Connected to your car port, the LED light engine powers up and emits the lights that glow out of your headliner.

Power Cable.

The power cable is what connects the light engine to a power outlet in your car so that once you turn on your car, power is supplied to the fiber optic lights in headliner. It looks like your typical car charger.

Light Strands.

These are the optical fibers that are stuck into your headliner, and once powered, emit the beautiful lights from the fiber optic headliner kit. The best kind of light strands to get are strands that are at least 3 meters long because, with those, you will be able to cover a lot more surface area on your headliner.

Also, the light strands can come in different sizes so that when you switch on the fiber optic lights in headliner of your car, the twinkling star lights will glow in a variety of sizes—large stars, medium stars, and little stars.


This serves as a connector between the light strands and the engine. Because the strands are so many, the adaptor holds them in place to connect them to the engine.

Remote Control.

With the remote control, these are the basic functions that you can perform:

·      Turning the lights on and off;

·      Changing the colors of the lights with both preprogrammed and customizable color options;

·      Changing the brightness settings;

·      Adjusting the transition speed if you have put set lights in an automated sequence; and

·      Adjusting the fade settings and motor speeds.

A fiber optic headliner kit is oftentimes app-controllable, so there will also usually be a corresponding Android or iOS application with which you can control and set the fiber optic lights in headliner of your car right from your smartphone.

User Manual.

The manual provides setup instructions for the headliner light kit, the remote, safety tips and guidelines, and other essential information about the fiber optic headliner kit.

Now here is one best headliner light kit in terms of budget and another best headliner light kit in terms of product rating.

Best Headliner Light Kit (Budget-friendly).

AZIMOM Car Use Bluetooth 6W RGB LED Fiber Optic Lights Star Ceiling Light Kit APP Remote Controller 150pcs 0.03in 6.5ft Optic Cable Music Mode Sensory Lighting Indoor Home Interior Decoration

Site rating: 4.5 out of 5 (184 ratings)

Price: $50.88

If you are looking for some cool fiber optic lights in headliner of your car without having to spend a huge sum of money, this Amazon’s Choice product is perfect for you. This AZIMOM fiber optic headliner kit comes with the full kit for installation and all the other perks including multi-color effect, heat-free illumination, durability, and more. Plus, the product is labeled as “Amazon’s Choice” in its category, so you can be sure it is one of the best headliner light kits on the site.

The product has a mobile app that you can use to control the lights from your smartphone the same way you would with the remote—and with much easier functions as well. You can also sync the lights with music from your phone.

This best headliner light kit comes with 150 individual light strands that are approximately 2 meters long, so the only downside to getting this product at its affordable price is that you may not be able to cover as much surface area of your headliner as you would with a fiber optic headliner kit that has more light strands that are longer.

However, all in all, this is still a superb product for the budget-minded buyer looking to add a little magic to the décor of their car’s interior.

Best Headliner Light Kit (Top-rated).

AZIMOM Bluetooth Control 16W Twinkle Fiber Optic Lights Star Ceiling Lighting Kits 450pcs0.03in 9.8ft Fiber Strands RGBW Music Mode Light Engine for Home Indoor Car Interior Decoration

Site rating: 4.7 out of 5 (402 ratings)

Price: $136.88

This is yet another AZIMOM product and best headliner light kit that has been labeled as “Amazon’s Choice” in its category. It is a top-rated headliner light kit for a reason. Providing mind-blowing aesthetics and a high-quality user experience, this product is everything you need and more in a fiber optic headliner kit.

In this headliner light kit, you get up to 450 light strands that are 3 meters long! This means that you can cover the entire surface area of your headliner with these lights. It makes the perfect fiber optic lights in headliner as well as other applications such as indoor and outdoor decoration.

The product is also app-controllable, can be synced with your music, and the seller provides excellent customer service. This product is definitely the best headliner light kit you will find on Amazon.

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