In almost every decorated space that you step into today, you will find a fiber optic star ceiling. This is because fiber optic star ceilings have become a decorator’s favorite in recent times. They are beautiful to look at, give any space—could be a car, bedroom, living room, lobby, restaurant, anywhere!—an outdoorsy aesthetic appeal, and they also make pretty awesome lighting systems.

The general attraction of fiber optic star ceilings is that they create the illusion that you are under a night sky even when you are indoors. You do not have to leave the comfort of your room to get a starry view when you have a fiber optic star ceiling kit installed.

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8 Reasons Why Fiber Optic Star Ceilings Are a Must in Your Decor.

1. Purchase and Setup Are 100% Hassle-free: Another one of the appeals of a fiber optic star ceiling is that you can easily purchase a fiber optic star ceiling kit and have it set up in your space in no time and with no stress whatsoever.

A fiber optic star ceiling kit always comes with a user manual that is easy to follow. There are also how-to videos online that can guide you even better in this simple installation process. All you have to do is order a fiber optic star ceiling kit online (perhaps on Amazon), take a few minutes to install it, and you’ll have yourself a stunning fiber optic star ceiling!

2. Multiple Applications: You can install a fiber optic star ceiling just about anywhere. A star ceiling can turn any car into a dream car. It can bring a different vibe entirely to your bedroom or living room.

The star lights will catch the eye of anyone who walks into a lobby or restaurant or cafe where they have been installed. A fiber optic star ceiling will create a wonderful, dramatic effect in a home theater. It also makes an intriguing addition to a baby’s nursery.

Besides its indoor application, the lights can also be installed outdoors for decorative purposes.

Fun fact: Fiber optic lights used in making fiber optic star ceilings also have multiple uses. They are also used in phototherapeutic lights used to treat babies with jaundice, operating lights that allow surgeons to see into deep cavities, and backlighting components found in automobiles, keyboards, and even shoes!

3. Heat-Free Illumination: With regular lighting or decorative lighting, after some time, the lights usually heat up at their points of illumination. However, because the light source in a fiber optic star ceiling kit is remotely placed, the optical fibers emit the star ceiling lights but keep the heat from the light source away from the illumination point.

This feature protects any objects that could be damaged by heat or intense light from getting damaged if such objects were to get in the way of the star ceiling illumination.

4. Electrical Safety: Since the light source in a fiber optic star ceiling kit is placed remotely, it reduces the hazards of electrical accidents, especially in situations such as outdoor use where people may not be too conscious of the light source’s placement. The light fibers in the kit are nonconductive which also adds to the electrical safety of star ceiling lights.

The power for the light source can easily be placed in a safe spot, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Lastly, the manual always provides “Electrical Work Safety Advice and Tips” to help guide you through an accident-free installation and use.

5: Focused Spotlighting: The lenses that come with fiber optic star ceiling kits make it possible for the star lights to be aimed and concentrated on very precise spots, for instance, if you were using the star lights to light up a small enclosure. This also allows for long-distance illumination with precision.

6. Shape and Color Variation: Fiber optic star ceiling kits have customized designs and shapes that you can choose from. The kits also use colored filters with white light sources so that you can choose what color you want your stars to be.

There is also an automation feature that lets you preprogram the designs and filters so that they vary in a timed sequence. For example, you can have blue twinkling stars, then after a minute, they change to purple shooting stars.

7. Super Durable: The fiber optic lighting in star ceilings provide strength and durability that is unmatched by any other kind of decorative lighting. Optical fiber is made out of glass or plastic—both of which are super strong and flexible, and provide a higher level of durability than your average light bulb.

8. Easy Maintenance: When regular lighting is installed in areas that are difficult to access like high ceilings or small enclosures, this can make maintenance a big challenge. However, with a fiber optic star ceiling, the liberty to place your light source anywhere at all makes maintenance a breeze. With your light source placed in an easily accessible location, you can change any parts that require alteration or fix any issues with ease.

Now, don’t you wish you would’ve known about these amazing lights sooner?

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Cool Ideas for What To Do with a Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit.

1. Gift one to your kid – If your kid or a kid you know loves Star Wars, a fiber optic star ceiling kit will be the perfect birthday present for them.

2. Set the mood – On a romantic date? Set the mood with a fiber optic star ceiling kit.

3. Install it in your man cave – Fiber optic star ceiling kits make the best decorations for man caves, bachelor pads, game rooms, and sci-fi sanctuaries (if you are a sci-fi lover).

4. Throw a party! – The automated feature in fiber optic star ceilings makes them just like disco lights, so why not throw a party with one?

5. Fake a convertible – You may not have a car with a retractable roof but you can still drive it with a view of the stars over you if you have a fiber optic star ceiling kit.

AKEPO 16W Fiber Optic Lights Star Ceiling Light Kit APP Control for Car & Home,Fibre Optical Cable Strands 150pcs 0.75mm 6.5ft/2m+28key Musical Remote Control

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